Transportation of deceased person

Funeral Company “Odense” offers you a transportation service of deceased person from a foreign country to Serbia, as well as from Serbia to all continents, by road or by air traffic. 

For transportation services we have on disposal several new cars: (funeral vehicles):

  • Volkswagen
  • Citroen
  • Mercedes
  • Renault

By rates given below:

  • 0,47  eur up to 1,000 km
  • 0,45 eur up to 1,001 – 1,500 km
  • 0,43 eur from 1.501 – 2.000 km
  • 0,41 eur over 2.001 km

We offer complete funeral equipment, wooden coffin, metal casket (obligatory for customs), linen, the cross with inscription at the rate of 350 €.

We can also supply you with additional funeral equipment which we offer at the best rates.

We guarantee professional service and responsibility toward you and toward the business

 International Funeral Services

List of countries where funeral company “Odense” carries out international transportation of deceased person:

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, World, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark.

We provide a service of documentation gathering (when the burial is in Serbia) for the deceased, international obituaries, deceased travel document, in the country where he died, and all necessary documentation from the final destination country. This service can be also managed for all continents by air traffic.


Required documentation provided by the family for the transportation of deceased from abroad:

1- The passport of deceased

2- A copy of the birth certificate

3- A copy of marriage

4- Certificate on the grave site of the city, the country where the deceased is buried.


Documentation provided by our company:

1- Medical report  about the cause of death,

2- A copy of the death certificate,

3- Confirmation of sanitary inspectors of the correct security of the casket,

4- Travel document to exit the country,

5- Travel document to enter the country of final destination


On our page funeral services, you can see the list of the services which we provide for funeral organizaton in Serbia and Belgrade. If there is something missing on the list, please phone us or send an email.