Funeral Services “Odense”

pogrebno Transportation of the deceased in Serbia and abroad


Death usually comes too early, too quickly and unexpectedly. In order to try to help you with the loss of your loved one, our company offers a complete international funeral services, organizing funeral and collecting complete documentation, a wide selection of funeral equipment at favorable prices  (coffins, cross, towels, and more …), transportation of the deceased in Serbia. Our recommendations brought us to our people across Europe, so we can say that we are in some way specialized in international transport of the deceased. (please check !!!!!).

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* Administrative ban
* Citizens’ cheques
* Consumer loan (with bank interest rate)
Funeral Company “Odense” We can offer following: “Odense” – funeral equipment discount store
offers services of organizing funerals at very reasonable rates. Our experience guarantees the quality of services we provide. Funeral Company “Odense” offers you complete funeral organization, while in a painful moment you do not have to leave your family and your home. In addition to standard funeral services in the country, we also provide international funeral services, transport of deceased persons from abroad.
  • Transportation in the country and abroad (certainly the most convenient)
  • Advent to your home or hospital just by phoning us
  • Defining the funeral period
  • Selection of funeral equipment
  • Complete documentation and regulating administrative procedures
  • Preparation and publication of obituaries death notices in newspapers
Recognizing the current economic situation, Funeral company “Odense” meets the needs of those who want to carry out the most sacred duty of burying the loved ones. For all those who have such needs, Odense dispose of discount store, with funeral equipment prices to up to 50% reduction, and with constant sales. You can find the store in Tokarska 27 Bežanijska kosa / Ledine.

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